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Noise Testing
by Sheldon Levine

Noise testing is performed for the following reasons:
     • To verify the ability of equipment to withstand its external
     acoustic environment without unacceptable reduction in its
     functionality and/or structural integrity.
     • To measure the noise generated by the equipment.

External Noise Environment
Equipment may be subjected to an external generated noise environment
when the unit is located in areas such as adjacent to jet exhausts.

Measurement of Self-generated Noise
To determine the noise characteristics of equipment measurement of
the acoustic output is performed. The noise generated by equipment is
of two types:
     • Airborne noise is that which is produced by a source that
     radiates directly into the air. The airborne sound waves are
     transmitted by pressure fluctuations in the air.
     • Structureborne noise occurs when items are set into vibratory
     motion by equipment noise sources. The vibrational energy is
     consequently transmitted throughout the structure where it will
     force various surfaces to vibrate. The vibrating surfaces in
     turn transmit their motion to the air causing pressure
     fluctuations that are then propagated as airborne noise.
     However, during testing usually only the equipment vibration is

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