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No. 1 in a Series:
Request for Quotation: Data Requirements

To enable the laboratory to provide a price quotation for environmental testing, which meets the customer's specific needs, the following information is required:

Test specifications such as MIL-specs or MIL-stds
Sequencing of tests to be performed
Equipment drawings showing the current configuration, dimensions, weights, and mounting provisions
Quantity of items to be tested
In the event that the equipment will be operated, provide the operating procedures, and parameters such as electrical or hydraulic power requirements
Will customer representatives witness and/or perform the operating tests?
When will the units be available to the lab?
Is a test procedure required?
Is a test report required? A letter report can be provided at no charge for most tests
Will the customer provide cables, mounting fixtures, test instrumentation, etc?
Required quote submittal date
Any special requirements


Occasionally there is a need for testing that is not covered by formal specifications. AERO NAV LABORATORIES will assist the customer in developing the required tests to meet their specific requirements. To accomplish this the following information is required:

As much of the previously listed data as is available
The specific goals and objectives of the required testing
Test operating and performance parameters, stating which are goals or required values

Providing the above information will assure that pricing is thorough, with little or no assumptions.

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