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Fire Testing

ASTM E119 [UL 263]
  Fire Test of Building Construction
  and Materials

ASTM E152 [UL 10C]
  Fire Door Test

ASTM E814 [UL 1479]
  Fire Tests of Through-Penetration
  Fire Stops

API 607, 6A
  Fire Test of Valves

ASTM E108 [UL 790]
  Small Scale Roof Fire Test

UL 1709
  Rapid Rise Fire Test of Protection
  Materials for Structural Steel


UL 1715
  Fire Test of Interior Finish Material

UL 2043
  Fire Test for Heat and Smoke

NFPA 286
  Fire Test for Evaluating Wall and
  Ceiling Room Fire Growth

UBC 26-2
  Fire Evaluation of Thermal Barriers

UBC 26-3
  Room Fire Test of Foam Plastic


Fire Testing 1

Fire Testing 2

Flammability Testing

ASTM E84 [NFPA 255, UL 723]

  Surface flammability
  characteristics of Building


  Surface Flammability of Materials
  Using a Radiant Heat Energy

ASTM E662 [NFPA 258]

  Specific Optical Density of Smoke
  Generated by Solid Materials


  Rate of Burning and/or Extent of
  Burning of Flexible Plastics in a
  Vertical Position


  Behavior of Materials in a Vertical
  Tube Furnace at 750° C

ASTM D1929

  Ignition Properties of Plastic

ASTM D2863

  Minimum Oxygen Concentration
  to Support Candle-like
  Combustion of Plastics

ASTM E1354
  Cone Calorimeter

ASTM E1317
  LIFT – Lateral Flame Speed

Room Burn Facility

  UBC 42-2, ANSI, ASTM E603

CAL 133, 117, 129

  Furniture Flammability

UL 94 V/HB

  Vertical/Horizontal Flammability

IMO A.652 (16)

  Upholstered Furniture
  Flammability Test

IMO A.653 (16)

  Marine Surface Finishes


  Vertical Wire Flame Test

ASTM D2859

  Flammability of Finished Textile
  Floor Covering Materials

AITM 2.0007

  Specific Optical Smoke Density


NFPA 701
  Textiles and Films

  Automotive Interiors

FAA 25.853

  Compartment Interiors

IEEE 383

  Cable Tray Flammability Test

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