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  Shock Vibration Test

The videos shown below will provide an insight into the laboratories environmental testing capabilities.
Please feel free to review our many Testing Photos as well.



Acceleration Test Sample

Acceleration Test, Underground Centrifuge

Shock Test

Angle relief valve MW Shock Test



Missle Shot

Missile Shot

Sawtooth pulse testing

Pulse Sawtooth pulse shock 100 g's

Fluid Contamination Testing

R & D Fluid Contamination Testing, Solenoid Valve

Random Vibration Test

Random Vibration Test, Display & Keyboard Vert Axis

Random Vibration Test

Random Vibration Test, Display & Keyboard, Horiz Axis

Sinusoidal Vibration Test

Sinusoidal Vibration, Light Fixture

Random Vibration Test

Random Vibration, Low GRMS, MIL-STD-810

Shock Test - Medium Weight

Shock Medium Weight MIL-S-901,Titanium Watertight Door

Sinusoidal Vibration Test - MTA Light Fixture

Sinusoidal Vibration, Light Fixture


Fire Test - Hydraulic Hoses


Fire Test, Hydraulic Hoses, ISO FDIS 15540


Synthetic Seawater


Synthetic Seawater lab test


Transportaion Vibration Bounce Test


Transportation Vibration, Bounce Test


Vibration Test - Heater Control Panel in Resonnance


Vibration Test, MIL-STD-167-1, Heater Control Panel in Resonance


30 Degree Shock Test - Medium Weight


Shock, 1st 30 Degree, Medium Weight MIL-S-901, Refrigeration


30 degree Shock Test


Shock, 2nd 30 degree, Medium Weight MIL-S-901, Refrigeration


Shock Test - Vertical Medium Weight


Shock, Vertical, Medium Weight MIL-S-901, Marlo Coil Refrigeration


Random Vibration


Random Vibration, High GRMS, MIL-STD-810


Hatch Wheel Load test


Hatch Wheel Load Test, 11,300 lbs., BIW


Fire Test


Fire Test, ABS Fire Test
LPD 17 - Timelapse
LPD 17 Timelapse
Javelin Live Fire Vs. T72 Test
Javelin Live Fire VS T72 Test

Shock Test - Heavy Weight


Heavy Weight Shock, MIL-S-901, Transducer Assembly
Air Blast Test - MTA Emergency Battery Back-Up System
Air Blast Test, Emergency Battery Back-up System, MTA Tunnel

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