Icing/Freezing Rain

This test evaluates the effects of icing/freezing rain on the operational capability of equipment. This method also provides tests for evaluating the effectiveness of de-icing equipment and techniques, using prescribed means that are used in the field.

Icing/freezing rain testing is specified in the following:

MIL-STD-810, MIL-T-7743, MIL-E-8595, MIL-F-8615, MIL-S-8805, MIL-C-8811, MIL-R-13312, MIL-R-22622, MIL-L-24223, RTCA/DO-160, TA-NWT-000487, GR-487-CORE, NEMA 250-1991, NEMA 250-1997, UL-50, UL-471, UL-427