Induced Signals

The test relates to interfering signals that may be generated by interconnected equipment. Induced signal testing is used to determine if equipment will withstand various signals, such as might be introduced by failures in other equipment to which the test unit is connected.


The induced signal susceptibility test determines whether the equipment and its interconnected circuit configuration will accept a level of induced voltages caused by the installation environment. The test relates specifically to interfering signals related to the power frequency and its harmonics, audio frequency signals, and electrical transients that are generated by other on-board equipment or systems, and coupled to sensitive circuits within the equipment under test through its interconnecting wiring.

Induced signal susceptibility testing is specified in the following:



This test is used to determine if components, for example, transformers or inductors, have continuous arcing or breakdown of insulation, or any changes in the input current caused by induced voltages.

Induced voltage testing is specified in the following: