Accelerated Corrosion

The purpose of this test is to determine the resistance of materials and protective coatings to corrosive atmospheres when a more corrosive environment than the salt fog/spray test is required. The test is used when material is stored or operated in areas, for example, where acidic atmospheres exist, such as in industrial areas or near the exhausts of any fuel-burning device. Gases such as sulfur dioxide are used to replicate the exhausts of fuel burning devices.

Accelerated corrosion testing is specified in the following:

MIL-STD- 810, ASTM G43-7

Salt Fog/Spray

Salt fog/spray testing determines the effectiveness of protective coatings and finishes on material. It may also be applied to determine the effects of salt deposits on the physical and electrical aspects of material. In general, salt fog/spray is applied to material that will experience significant exposure to high levels of salt in the environment.

Salt fog/spray testing is specified in the following:

MIL-PRF-27, MIL-T-27, MIL-STD-202, MIL-J- 641, MIL-STD-750, MIL-STD- 810, MIL-I- 983, MIL-STD- 1344, MIL-E-5272, MIL-T-5422, MIL-E-5400, MIL-T-7743, MIL-P-7788, MIL-F-7872, MIL-T-7928, MIL-M-7969, MIL-A-8064, MIL-K-8144, MIL-R-8236, MIL-C-8384, MIL-E-8595, MIL-M-8609, MIL-S-8805, MIL-G-10228, MIL-C-11015, MIL-I-11683, MIL-R-12934, MIL-C-14409, MIL-C-14806, MIL-C-15024, MIL-R-15109, MIL-A-15303, MIL-T-15514, MIL-C-15514, MIL-F-15733, MIL-S-15743, MIL-P-16232, MIL-F-16377, MIL-E-16400, MIL-M-17185,MIL-T-17185, MIL-T-17275, MIL-T-17301, MIL-V-17360, MIL-P-17840,MIL-F-18327, MIL-E-19100, MIL-R-19648, MIL-I-20037, MIL-S-20708, MIL-C-21097, MIL-T-21200, MIL-D-21625, MIL-S-22432, MIL-E-24091, MIL-L-24223, MIL-C-23200, MIL-B-23306, MIL-S-20708, MIL-C-21097, MIL-T-21200, MIL-D-21625, MIL-S-22432, MIL-R-22622, MIL-B-23071, MIL-C-24308, MIL-T-28800, MIL-E-39029, MIL-C-48497, MIL-H-83511, MIL-S-008834, MIL-T-0014358, RTCA/DO-160, ASTM B117-90, ASTM G43-75, GR-487-CORE, ASTM G85-85, ASTM D822-86, ASTM D5894-96, ASTM B-368-97, ASTM B-117-97, NEMA 250-1991, NEMA 250-1997, UL-50, DOD-F-16232, UL-213, UL-1474, US COAST GUARD NO.493