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  Mechanical Testing


This test method is divided into two procedures. The small particle procedure, using fine dust is performed to ascertain the ability of equipment to resist the effects of fine particles which may penetrate into cracks, crevices, bearings, and joints. The blowing sand test, using coarse particles, is performed to determine whether equipment can be stored and operated under blowing sand conditions without experiencing degradation of its performance, effectiveness, reliability, and maintainability due to the abrasion or clogging effect of large, sharp-edged particles.

Sand and dust testing is specified in the following:

MIL-STD-108, MIL-STD-202, MIL-STD-210, MIL-STD-810, MIL-S-3928, MIL-E-5272, MIL-E-5400, MIL-T-5422, MIL-T-7743, MIL-M-7969, MIL-A-8064, MIL-K-8144, MIL-R-8236, MIL-E-8595, MIL-M-8609, MIL-F-8615, MIL-S-8805, MIL-C-9436, MIL-G-10228, MIL-C-13486, MIL-F-13926, MIL-C-14806, MIL-T-21200, MIL-R-22622, MIL-T-28800, MIL-S-008834, MIL-T-0014358, TP-91, NEMA 250-1991, NEMA 250-1997, UL-50, UL-1203, RTCA/DO-160



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