Analytical Chemistry

Spectroscopy, Chromatography, Electrochemistry, Thermal Analysis, and Advanced Physical Testing Protocols!
Certified Testing per EPA / FPA / ISO / ASTM / USP-NF / CODEX / AOAC / AOCS

CHROMATOGRAPHY [GC & HPLC] of plastic extracts are tested for residual plasticizers [ASTM D1045]. Uncured monomer/oligomer, off-taste/odor compounds, flame retardants [Brominated & others]. ISO-validated QC Program can be designed for any incoming raw materials or final product.

HEAVY METALS [DCP, AAS, I-C & XRF] in any sample matrix can be tested according to all EPA [SW-846], [ASTM D5702] & RoHS specifications. High-Pressure Microwave Digestion provides 100% recovery of all metals that are accurately analyzed by our Instruments: D-C Plasma Emission, Graphite Furnace AA, Ion-Chromatography and X-Ray Fluorescence.

SPECTROSCOPY [FT-IR, UV-VIS & FLUORESCENCE] easily characterizes polymers & resins, QC incoming raw material or identifies compounds from any manufacturing or toxicity study [ASTM E502]. High-resolution instrumentation & sophisticated sampling accessories conform to ALL ASTM, ISO,  and EU Standards.

Testing for color [ASTM D6290 / D4674], UV-Inhibitors [ASTM
D5510] & chemical permeability [ASTM F1769] by UV-Vis Scanning Spectrophotometry with GC. Determination of additives [ASTM D6042], weathering [ASTM D1435] and stability [ASTM D4871].


AOAC Standard methods for fats, proteins,
carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals,
cholesterol, trans-fats, etc.
Microbial and PCR_DNA analyzers allow
performance of HACCP and “Organic” food validation.

Federal EPA and State DEP regulations are easily
met by the Chemical Analysis Instrument Lab for
all SW-846 applications: Metals, VOCs, TPH, etc.
Certified protocols and approved methods are
followed to provide an initial assessment of your site
or work environment: Waste-Water, Solids, & Gases!


Validate your product & packaging per GreenSeal, CODEX &
USP/NF Specs for Phthalate, BPA, Heavy Metals, and VOC/HAP content.

Full Compliance with MIL-STD 810G, IEC, ISO and ASTM Guidelines for
Federal Government Applications.